Q - Where can I find GTD spirits in my State, City or Town?

A - We are a "small batch" "Grain to bottle" artisan distiller so we can only produce so much of each spirit per year. We just can not produce enough to be in every city in every state. We are all over Michigan and in a few locals around Chicago. We are working hard to be able to distribute to more cities but you just can not rush the aging process. If your state allows you can buy some of our products through Binny's Beverage Warehouse. Click on the link http://www.binnys.com/all/grand%20Traverse%20Distillery# . We welcome you to come visit us at the distillery up here in Traverse City, MI and take a tour and you can buy a bottle right at the source. We will keep the still on for you!

Q - Can you ship me a bottle or two? 

A - No, currently state laws prohibit us to ship inside or outside of Michigan but you can order a few of our spirits through Binny"s Beverage Warehouse online so click on http://www.binnys.com/all/grand%20Traverse%20Distillery# . Better yet come visit us at one of our five tasting rooms.


Q - What does "Grain To Bottle" mean to a whiskey or vodka drinker?

A - Good Question! Most distilleries buy some if not all of their alcohol that they blend into their products from other large distilleries while doing very little to no actual distillation onsite. We are one of the artisan distillers that buys local grains (our farmer "The Send Brothers" is nine miles away) and mills them ourselves.We distill from over 5,500 pounds of local grain per week and you taste this in every bottle we produce. It is why we are "Pure Michigan" and proud of it!

Q - Where is the distillery located?

A - Our distillery and first tasting room are located at: 781 Industrial Circle, Suite 5 Traverse City, MI 48686

Q - Do you offer tours?

A - Yes, but since we are a busy production facility we offer tours May1 through September 30 at 1:00 pm & 3:00 pm Monday through Saturday and October 1 through April 30 at 1:00 pm & 3:00 pm Friday and Saturday. Please call ahead at: 231-947-8635 to book a large group as we want to make your experience as enjoyable as possible.Tours can be booked online at https://a.zozi.com/#/express/grandtraversedistillerymi/products/64663 

Q - What makes your spirits different?

A - We use fresh grains grown by our farmer - Send Brothers - right up the road. We use the glacial pure water that has fed the Great Lakes for over a million years. We distill with the grains in the kettle on every fist round we do to impart a much flavor from the grains we use. Our recipes and the way we distill create a clean pure spirit that you can taste in every bottle we fill just for you. We have won our share of awards and accolades but do not take our word for it stop by and try a sample next time you are in the area.

Q - Cloudy vs. Clear?

A - A whiskey is distilled at below 160 Proof to retain more of the flavor from the grains it was made from. Those flavors are transferred through the distilling process as fatty molecules (flavor oils). Some distillers will sacrifice a certain amount of flavor for clarity at this point, and chill filter their whiskies to remove some of these fatty molecules. They get a very clear whiskey, but in the process remove some of the flavor. We do not chill filter our whiskey, so sometimes under ice or cold Michigan outdoor conditions, our whiskey may show some “cloudiness”. This does not mean the whiskey is defective. On the contrary, it is proof we have imparted as much flavor to the whiskey as our art will allow. Plus we are clean going in the barrel so we don't need to clean up on the way out like some other brands.

Q- How does Age affect whiskey?

A - A lot of people think that “age of a whiskey” is a statement of quality. It’s not! It is merely a statement of age. Some whiskies need to age longer to become palatable. Some do not, because it is the barrel and the climate conditions that are the two primary factors affecting aging. If whiskey is going into a used barrel, then like a tea bag, it will take longer to impart its magic than a new barrel would. Levels of char, along with types of oak, also dictate how rapidly a whiskey will mature within the barrel. Most experts agree a moist climate is superior to a dry climate for aging. Mother Nature’s high and low pressure systems, along with her heat and cold; force the whiskey in and out of the pores of the oak. GTD starts its aging process by filling new heavily charred (#4), American white oak barrels from the IDS (Independent Stave Company) with a spirit that is as pure as we can make it. This means our barrels do not have to spend time extracting impurities. We then rack our barrels in a rick house/ warehouse where winter temperatures never fall below 68 degrees F. and summer temperatures approach 125 F. Humidity levels are maintained by Mother Nature and we live in a climate zone surround by water. This means our barrels never get a vacation. We have them working 24/7/365 so you can enjoy the best whiskey and bourbon we can make for you. 

Q - Do you give out free tastes at your Tasting Rooms?

A - No, we charge only $1 for a quarter ounce pour and you can also purchase a Scottish "Spey Dram" whiskey glass for $5 and the price includes 3 tastes of your choice. We also sell cocktails at our tasting rooms made with our spirits.

Q - Should I put my Grand Traverse Vodka, or any of your other spirits, in the freezer to chill?

A - No. It is dangerous to put any corked bottle which contains liquid in the freezer. The cork will shrink and the alcohol will evaporate, leaving just water. Eventually, the bottle will freeze and crack, and may even explode. Most people believe that placing vodka in a freezer will “make it smoother.” The reason for this claim is that freezing of any liquid will deaden its taste. If less well-crafted vodka begins with an undesirable taste, it is no surprise that someone would want to deaden its taste. However, with well-crafted vodka like Grand Traverse Distillery - True North, Cherry, Wheat or Chocolate, the distiller would like you to taste every nuance this distinctive spirit has to offer and recommends that you enjoy it neat or in a cocktail that is shaken with ice. 

Q - What is the shelf life of your vodkas and whiskeys before and after they are opened?

A - Our unopened products can keep almost indefinitely, if kept slightly cooler than room temperature and not exposed to continual, intense light such as sunlight or a lamp placed directly near the bottle. For best flavor, we recommend that once a bottle gets below 2/3 empty you should drink it because like wine oxidation will affect the flavor of a distilled spirit in smaller concentrations with more exposure to air. We want you enjoy the spirit as we crafted it and over time, some of the intensity of color and taste can fade as you get past the 2/3 empty mark. So if you have bottles that are past the 2/3 mark you now have an excuse to call family or friends over and have a party.


Other Questions?

Please contact us at Info@grandtraversedistillery.com / call us at 231-947-8635 / or Mail us at Grand Traverse Distillery, 781 Industrial Circle, Suite 5, Traverse City, MI 49686