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Cask Strength

Whether you travel to our distillery in Traverse City, or have samples sent to you for remote selection,

 there’s a perfect whiskey waiting for you

in our Barrel House right now! 

Grand Traverse Distillery now offers an exciting Cask Strength Single Barrel Program where you may personally select your own, one of a kind barrel of our award-winning Bourbon or Rye Whiskey.


Your selections are bottled by our team at cask strength, without cold chill filtration, so every sip features the full regional flavor profile of Northern Michigan, a microclimate beautifully suited for grain growing, situated along the 45th parallel.

Once bottled, we will coordinate with one of our licensed distributing partners to ship your barrel directly to your club or business. Half and full barrel selections are available, while patrons ordering full barrels will receive the physical Oak barrel.

Selecting A Barrel

If you make the trip to Traverse City, you’ll join our Master Distiller, Landis Rabish, for a tour of our Distillery, Barrel House, and Tasting Room. You'll learn the history of our pioneering, grain to bottle, DSP first-hand from our team.


Then you will be guided to several sampling barrels selected personally by our Master Distiller, where you will discuss techniques for a whiskey tasting and the individual crafting of each spirit. Together, you will use a whiskey thief to draw out small samples of cask strength whiskey directly from the barrel, taste, and discuss the nuances of each sample. 

Barrel Pick Program

Remote Barrel Selection

Can't make it to Traverse City? No Problem! Our Brand Ambassadors will send or deliver specially selected barrel samples for you to try, as well as guide you through our history, our brand, and facilitate your tasting without ever leaving your business!

Upon tasting, you may ask questions, take notes, and discuss your tasting experience in order to determine which barrel best represents your personality and palate. 

When you've found the barrel that represents you best, our team will bottle it and arrange shipping through one of our licensed distribution partners who will deliver it directly to your establishment. 

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