True North Rye Vodka

True North Rye Vodka

Ingredients in our True North Rye Vodka originate from the beautiful Grand Traverse region that we call home. From the rich soils comes our quality rye grown by the Send Brothers in Williamsburg. Our water originated in the crystal clean glacial waters of the Great Lakes. With these quality ingredients, True North Vodka is a one of a kind ultra premium spirit, hand crafted in small batches and distilled 37 times.

Locally grown rye lends our vodka a gentle sweetness that rolls across the palette with an exceptionally smooth finish. The flavor is sweet with notes of fudge, egg cream, toasted wheat and toasted rye bread along with the spicy essence of rye. True North Rye Vodka is exquisite sipping vodka that can be enjoyed straight up, right out of the freezer, on the rocks with an olive, or with your favorite mixer. Na zdrowie!

Grand Traverse Distillery's True North Rye Vodka is available to any Michigan retail liquor store. If you do not see it on the shelves just ask the proprietor to stock it. Thanks, and we appreciate your support.

* 40% ALC/VOL 750ml Please drink responsibly

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