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Get up close and personal with the process

Tour our production at:

781 Industrial Circle, Traverse City, MI 49686

What's included with the tour?

This tour provides an in-depth look into how our spirits are made and aged all in-house.
You get a tour of the production site where we mash, ferment, and distill our spirits, and
then we take you back to the barrel house where you can see how our whiskies and
bourbons are aged and the types of barrels we use. The tour finishes in the tasting room
where you'll receive a flight of 4 tastes of our spirits.

Duration of the tour

We suggest you plan to be with us for an hour, but the duration of the tour can vary based
on the number of questions asked and who's giving the tour. We always welcome the
inquisitive who want to learn more about our production process!

Cost of the tour
The tour cost is $15, which includes the tour itself plus a flight of 4 tastings.

Tour Dates

We offer tours Monday-Saturday, on Monday-Thursday we have tours at 1:00 pm, and on
Fridays and Saturdays we offer tours at 1:00 pm and 3:00 pm.