Where to buy

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who says great spirits are hard to find? certainly not us.

You can find Grand Traverse Distillery spirits in stores throughout Michigan, or online through our website or third-party retailers we work with. See below to check out where our products are available and in which states we can ship them right to your door!

Looking to order online?

Great! We partner with AccelPay so you can order
our spirits on our website, or you can head to For
Whiskey Lovers to order our products on their site.

Website Distribution

We have a selection of spirits available to purchase from our website
to be shipped right to you! You can buy the following spirits:
Cherry Vodka, Cherry Whiskey, Chipotle Vodka, Straight Bourbon,
Ole George Rye Whiskey, and Peninsula Gin. The map above shows
which states we are able to ship to.

For Whiskey Lovers

We partner with For Whiskey Lovers to be able to ship spirits to your front door. The spirits you can purchase there that we don't sell from our website include: Cocoa Bean Vodka, Double Barrel Ole George, True North Vodka, Isles O' Rye. The map above shows which states they are able to ship to.

Website distribution Shipping policy

Orders fulfilled to the continental US only.

Please note we cannot ship to a PO Box

Standard shipping is 5-7 business days. Your product will be delivered straight to your door and any order containing alcohol will require an adult signature and ID check upon delivery.

Fulfilled in 3-5 days, standard delivery can take another 3-8 business days, location dependent.
here to see the full Terms and Conditions from AccelPay

Can't find our product on the shelf? no problem!

Our products are distributed through Imperial Beverage. So if you can't find what you're looking for just ask your local merchant to order what you'd like using or MLCC Codes below:

  • True North Rye Vodka: 80 Proof, MLCC Code: 4406
  • Wheat Vodka: 80 proof, MLCC Code: 5899
  • Cherry Vodka: 80 proof,  MLCC Code: 4713
  • Chipotle Infused Vodka: 80 proof MLCC: 24008
  • Peninsula Gin: 90 proof, MLCC Code: 12708
  • Cherry Whiskey: 80 proof, MLCC Code: 25681
  • Ole George Rye Bottled in Bond: 100 proof, MLCC Code: 28285
  • Ole George Single Barrel: Cask Strength, MLCC Code: 22730
  • Bourbon Bottled in Bond: 100 proof, MLCC Code: 28284
  • Single Barrel Straight Bourbon: Cask Strength, MLCC Code: 22731
  • Isles O' George: 100 proof, MLCC Code: 29757