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who says great spirits are hard to find? certainly not us.

Craft spirits fans rejoice! Grand Traverse Distillery products are found throughout Michigan and in select markets around the Midwest. Check out our many retails
locations here:

Looking to order online?

Great! We have some top-notch retail partners that can fulfill your order online. Check them out here:

Can't find our product on the shelf? no problem!

Our products are distributed through Imperial Beverage. So if you can't find what you're looking for just ask your local merchant to order what you'd like using or MLCC Codes below:

  • True North Rye Vodka: 80 Proof, MLCC Code: 4406
  • Wheat Vodka: 80 proof, MLCC Code: 5899
  • Cherry Vodka: 80 proof,  MLCC Code: 4713
  • Chipotle Infused Vodka: 80 proof MLCC: 24008
  • Peninsula Gin: 90 proof, MLCC Code: 12708
  • Barrel Finished Gin: 90 proof, MLCC Code: 25684
  • Ole George Rye Bottled in Bond: 100 proof, MLCC Code: 28285
  • Ole George Single Barrel: Cask Strength, MLCC Code: 22730
  • Bourbon Bottled in Bond: 100 proof, MLCC Code: 28284
  • Isles O'George Bottled in Bond: 100 Proof, MLCC Code: 29757
  • Cherry Whiskey: 80 proof, MLCC Code: 25681